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How to stream to YouTube

We need to obtain two parameters from a streaming account in order to use them in a Voximplant JS scenario: stream name/key and server URL. The steps below show how to retrieve these values from YouTube.

YouTube Settings

Log in to your account, then click to your profile picture in the top right corner and choose YouTube Studio (beta).

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, a special dialog will appear. Click Create channel and you’ll see the dashboard with the notification that you’ll be available to livestream within 24 hours.

Being in the YouTube Studio, choose Other features —> Live stream now on the left menu. A new page will open with the Encoder setup block at the bottom. Paste these values into your local text editor or leave this page open to copy-paste the values to a scenario further.

Check How to stream to a CDN with RTMP support to set up the Voximplant side.