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How to stream to Twitch

We need to obtain two parameters from a streaming account in order to use them in a Voximplant JS scenario: stream name/key and server URL. The steps below show how to retrieve these values from Twitch.

Twitch Settings

Log in to your account, then click to your profile picture in the top right corner and choose Video Producer.

Here, switch to the Channel tab in the Settings block, then click Copy at the top of the page to get your Primary Stream Key. Note that the key is available only for accounts with enabled two-factor authentication. Paste this value into your local text editor or leave this page open to copy-paste the value to a scenario further.

To find the server url value, visit https://stream.twitch.tv/ingests/, choose one of the recommended endpoints and copy it without the last slash, like this: rtmp://live-sfo.twitch.tv/app

Similarly, either save this string locally or leave the page open.

Check How to stream to a CDN with RTMP support to set up the Voximplant side.