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How to stream to Restream.io

We need to obtain two parameters from a streaming account in order to use them in a Voximplant JS scenario: stream name/key and server URL. The steps below show how to retrieve these values from Restream.io.

Restream Settings

Log in to your account, then click Add channel on your dashboard, pick a streaming service to connect (e.g., Twitch) and grant access to it. When at least one service is connected, your dashboard will change – there will be a preview window along with a streaming settings block on the right side of the screen. Paste these values into your local text editor or leave this page open to copy-paste the values to a scenario further.

Pay attention to the dropdown to the left of URL where you can choose your location. It looks like a target by default, which means "autodetect". Change it if needed.

Check How to stream to a CDN with RTMP support to set up the Voximplant side.