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A Voximplant application is an entity that is designed to perform a certain task, similar to any other software application. You can create several applications for your needs and store them in the Voximplant control panel.

An application consists of your code (or scenario), users, routing rules and much more.

You need to create an application before starting any new project and writing any code.

How to create an application

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Go to the Voximplant control panel and log into your account or create a new one. Then choose the application section from the menu in the upper left corner and click New application in the upper right corner or Create at the bottom of page:

Create an application

This opens a New application editor window where you can set it up and save by clicking Create. The new app appears in the application list. To change its name, icon or description, click the three dots menu and select Edit.

Edit an application

When you create an application, you can open it and go to the next steps with creating users, a scenario and much more.