Audio constraints. Audio device will be chosen according to these settings.
Settings are specified via AudioDeviceManager.setDefaultAudioSettings and AudioDeviceManager.setCallAudioSettings.


autoGainControl: boolean

If this value is a true or false, the user agent will attempt to obtain media with automatic gain control enabled or disabled as specified, if possible.

echoCancellation: boolean

Should participant's echo be cancelled or not? If it's true, echo is cancelled; it's true by default.

inputId: string

Unique ID of microphone. It can be received via the AudioDeviceManager.getInputDevices method.

noiseSuppression: boolean

If it's true, backgroung noise is suppressed. It's true by default.

outputId: string

Unique ID of sound card/processor. It can be received via the getOutputDevices AudioDeviceManager.getOutputDevices method.

strict: boolean

If it's true, all audio settings must suit each other strictly; the incorrect settings will cause an error. If it's false, the incorrect values will be changed to the best appropriate values. It's false by default.