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Voximplant Web SDK changelog

4.7.3-2693 (latest)


  • Safari: Changing an audio device during an active call/conference causes no audio for the client

  • CallState enum is not available

4.7.2-2685 (latest)


  • Changing the audio device in a call or a conference while the microphone is muted causes the microphone to be unmuted

4.7.1-2672 (latest)


  • SDK initialization error caused a new Config.node parameter



  • SDK throws an error if Client.disconnect is called while a call is ending (but not ended)



  • One way audio in a call or conference call after a participant has connected or disconnected the audio device previously used

  • Logs improvements

  • Bugfix and stability improvements

4.6.3-2619 (beta)



  • Camera indicator is active if enable video is failed for some reason during a call or a conference

4.6.3-2609 (beta)


  • Additional logs and stability improvements

4.6.3-2605 (beta)


  • Call statistics is empty or incomplete in conference calls

  • Echo cancellation, noise suppression, and automatic gain control are now enabled by default


4.6.3-2575 (beta)


  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

4.6.3-2571 (beta)


  • Bugfixes and stability improvements

4.6.3-2560 (beta)


  • Promise returned by Call.stopSharingScreen is always in the pending state if the screen sharing has been started in a video conference.

4.6.3-2556 (beta)



  • CallEvents.MessageReceived is not invoked if a message is sent in a conference call

  • Client.getClientState returns incorrect client state in some cases

  • Stop sending video on web does not trigger the event on mobile SDK

  • Bugfix and stability improvements

4.6.3-2538 (beta)


  • Client.init throws an error if the web application is running on insecure origin.






  • The Call.shareScreen method now has no arguments. Screen sharing now replaces user video by default. To share device screen simultaneously with user video in a conference, use the Client.joinAsSharing method


  • Added EndpointEvents for ViewerCall


  • Server reinvites messages caused a held call to unhold

  • Toggling Call.sendVideo crashed calls in iPad Chrome

  • The last video frame remained after the call ended

  • Setting Call.sendVideo to true after screen sharing didn't work in call with sendVideo set to false

  • Could not change camera on mobile devices

  • Unmute didn't work on iPad

  • Camera was not released after hangup if the SDK was disconnected immediately

  • A sharing call didn't hang up via the native browser component

  • Firefox users received 'peerConnection.setConfiguration is not a function' error

  • Trying to play/load an html media element without checking load media state caused a conflict

  • DTLS issues with incoming calls

  • Getting wrong state from Client.getClientState()

  • The caller didn't see the remote video after the call was transferred

  • Clients didn't hear sound from PSTN call after sending dial tones

  • Events.SQMessagingStatusUpdated event didn't trigger

  • Calls didn't hang up after calling Client.disconnect()

  • No sound in mixed audio conferences

  • CameraManager.setCallVideoSettings and AudioDeviceManager.setCallAudioSettings promises resolved before completion

  • The statistics module crashed after camera change in Chrome

  • Duplicated existing MediaRenderers in the ViewerCall

  • Changing acd/smartqueue status caused an error

  • Prevent ICE restart for p2p incoming call


  • Client.init feature does not require media devices access anymore. SDK now requests microphone and camera access only at the call/conference start

  • Removed callstats.io integration

  • Removed CallEvents: QualityIssueCodecMismatch, QualityIssueHighMediaLatency, QualityIssueICEDisconnected, QualityIssueLocalVideoDegradation, QualityIssuePacketLoss

  • New Statistics module


  • Added a fallback flag to the Events.MicAccessResult event that shows when SDK fails to get user device configuration and loads defaults

  • Added Insertable streams support for MediaStreamTrack

  • Added the CallEvent.SharingStopped for tracking when the screen sharing stopped

  • Added enabling/disabling an incoming media stream from the server in the conference simulcast mode

  • Added automatic reconnection when a user lost connection or switched between networks

  • Added the Client.joinAsSharing method that allows users to connect to a conference as a separate screen sharing member

  • Reduced the simulcast lowest quality layer to 320p

  • Added voice activity detection for the conference simulcast mode


  • Extra spaces in SDP MediaAttribute led to problems with video on MacOS

  • Added an error notification when creating a call/conference via a non-secured (http) connection

  • Client.init resolved before completion

  • Call.sendVideo resolved before the server accepted the new video state

  • MediaStreamTracks didn't stop after the peer connection was closed

  • After Client.disconnect a user got an error that login operation is already in progress

  • serverIP parameter usage for Client.init was unavailable

  • Inability to change audio devices during the call

  • The video didn't restore after minimizing the browser window

  • iPhone users got black frame instead of the remote video during calls with desktop Safari

  • Call.unmuteMicrophone in Safari didn't work if called shortly with Call.sendVideo(true)

  • Client.joinAsSharing caused infinite reinvites in Firefox

  • The SharingStopped event didn't work if the screen sharing had showLocalVideo flag

  • Call.stopSharingScreen didn't work when the screen sharing was initiated by the side that answered the call

  • Re-enable video for calls didn't work in a Safari + Chrome call

  • CallEvents.MessageReceived event didn't trigger if a user joined as a viewer

  • Camera was not released after the conference

  • Calls with video:false generated extra SDP sections

  • There was no dtmf tones on the remote side

  • Dial tones were not audible, though after the answer the voice is audible from both sides

  • Screen sharing didn't work if a call started without video

  • Users had black frame when an iPhone Safari user toggled video

  • Call.shareScreen with replaceTrack flag resolved before the track was replaced

  • In Android Chrome incoming video didn't play if the h264 codec was used

  • Simulcast mode didn't work if users join the conference without sending video

  • Endpoint.displayName displayed incorrectly for the ViewerCall

  • Changing camera didn't work for the local video

  • Join a conference in the simulcast mode as a viewer crashed the conference

  • Toggling video in the iPhone Safari crashed the conference in the simulcast mode


  • Simulcast support for conference calls

  • WebRTC Insertable Streams support

  • Ability to join a conference as a viewer without audio/video requests

  • aspectRatio constraint for CameraParams

  • Ability to use existing video and audio HTML elements as render targets


  • Had a highlighted camera icon even after the conference was over

  • Had an unnecessary video sdp section for Client.call({video:false})

  • Didn't have DTMF tones on the remote side

  • Progress tone couldn't be heard when calling PSTN

  • Audio/video streams couldn't be updated for iPhone because of IOSCacheManager

  • Didn't have necessary restrictions on shareScreen for simulcast

  • Wasn't possible to change the camera for local video

  • Had an issue with voiceActivityDetection

  • Re-enabling video didn't work for iPhone

  • sendVideo didn't work for a regular call

  • Had bitrate limits on the high layer for simulcast

  • Had an error in maxLayersCount

  • Call.scaleVideoResolutionDownBy and safari PN were disabled

  • Codecs on different devices for simulcast were incompatible

  • Endpoints were added before receiving notifications from MediaRenderer

  • Didn't have reinvite when replacing a track