Voximplant basics


Voximplant is a communications platform as a service, it allows developers to add real-time communications features (voice, video and messaging) in their applications without a need to build any backend infrastructure. Voximplant architecture is designed for serverless: developers upload their JavaScript code into our cloud and uploaded code is being executed automatically when a call arrives at the platform or when an HTTP API command is executed. A call can arrive at the platform from a phone network, from a SIP device or application, and from Voximplant Web or Mobile SDK.

Voximplant call processing concept

Usually, people consider a phone call as a connection between two endpoints (a caller and a callee), but in the telecom world a call consists of two connections called "call legs": from a phone to a telecom operator’s hardware/software and from a telecom operator’s hardware/software to another phone.

For Voximplant each call leg is simply called "a call", and each call can be controlled independently by the JavaScript code deployed in the Voximplant cloud. Our cloud can be considered as a telecom operator from the scheme above, where a call can arrive not only from the phone network but also from IP network (SIP device or application, Voximplant Web or Mobile SDK). You can tell the Voximplant cloud what to do with each call using JavaScript: connect to another call, join a conference, record voice or video, etc. Similarly, a call can be sent from the Voximplant cloud to the different types of endpoints.

Web and Mobile SDKs

Voximplant SDKs for Web, iOS and Android platforms can be used to enable real-time voice, video and rich text communication in your app or service. In case of calls from/to the SDKs, the Internet is used as a transport that significantly decreases the cost of service compared to the phone network. Since Voximplant is already connected to the phone network it’s possible to build web and mobile apps that can communicate with the phone network.

Rich feature set

The Voximplant cloud provides a JavaScript API to access built-in features widely used in telephony and video communications. The cloud-side JavaScript code can make HTTP requests to other services, accept commands over HTTP access URLs, trigger audio or video recording, perform the text-to-speech and speech-to-text conversion, handle dial pad tones and carry out other call automation tasks in real-time.

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