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Call recording

Voximplant allows recording audio and video. In order to start a recording, call the record method of the call object or use the Recorder module (only for audio).

Recorded audio and video are stored at the Voximplant cloud by default for 3 months before they are automatically deleted. This storage time can be extended at an additional cost. All the recordings are accessible in the Calls section of the Control panel where you can play and download them.

Amazon S3

Voximplant can also save recordings to a user-specified storage on Amazon S3. Contact support for details.

By default, audio is stored as an mp3 file with the following quality: mono 8kHz 32kbit/s. You set custom quality by adjusting the recorder parameters. For audio recording only, the Recorder module provides additional functionality: naming a recording for the call history, stopping a recording, mixing multiple audio tracks into one and creating secure recordings that require HTTP auth for access.