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Voximplant utilizes two alternative recording methods:

  • Recorder module – for mixing multiple audio sources into a single audio track.
  • Call.record method – for recording audio or video calls into a stereo media file.

Recorder Module

The Recorder module is typically used in conference calling scenarios to combine audio from all participants into a single track within one file. The Recorder module only supports audio. Access this module using a require.

For example, to record a conference as a single, mixed audio stream using the Recorder module:

Mixed audio stream

Mixed audio stream


The call.record method is typically used for:

  • Separating caller and callee audio ( Call.record({stereo: true}) )
  • Video recording ( Call.record({video: true}) )
  • Transcription ( Call.record({transcribe: true}) )

Call.record can optionally record one caller and one callee into a single file using 2 tracks (stereo) so each stream can be analyzed individually. These separate tracks can also be used to produce a transcription labeled for each of the participants. Set the video parameter to true to also record the call video.