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Generating API tokens

If you prefer to interact with Voximplant Kit via API, you need to generate a user-specific access token (API token) to authenticate requests to the Voximplant Kit API and get the required access data (your account name and API hostname).

To access the Voximplant Kit API, use the received data as follows:

  • Paste the API token into the access_token parameter in a request body or URL (YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN).

  • Paste the account name into the domain parameter in a request body or URL (YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME).

  • Paste the hostname into a request URL (YOUR_ACCOUNT_API_HOST).

Generating an API token and obtaining API access data

Copy URL
  1. Log in to your Voximplant Kit account.
  2. Select Security > API tokens.
  3. Click Add API token.
  4. Enter the token name in the Add API token window.
  5. Click Save.
Generate an API token
  1. The new API token displays in the same section. You can view or copy it by clicking the Show token or Copy token icons. You can also copy the token ID.
View the API token
  1. Click the API access data button. In the modal window that opens, you can copy the following data:
  • Account name

  • API hostname

  • Custom channel API hostname

  • CTI server hostname

API access data
  1. If you need to disable the client's permissions associated with a specific token, select the token and click Revoke.