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Reviewing messaging history

Voximplant Kit captures the full history of messages.


The History section is only available to users with the Manager, Administrator, and Owner roles. Users with the Supervisor role can only view their agents' historical statistics.

To view the message history:

  1. Log in to your Voximplant Kit account.
  2. On the left sidebar, click History.
  3. Select the Messages tab.
  4. In the Calendar field, select the messaging history report date range. You can select one of the predefined values or specify a custom date range.
Messaging history
  1. The messaging history table contains the following columns:
  • Date and time – Indicates the conversation start date and time.

  • Channels – Specifies the channel that received the customer request.

  • Duration – Specifies the duration of the conversation.

  • Lead contact – Displays the customer name.

  • Closed – Specifies the status of the conversation: closed or open. If the conversation is closed, you can also see the name of the agent who closed the conversation as well as the closure date and time.

  • Queue – Specifies the queue that processed the chat.

  • Tags – Displays tags added to the conversation.

  • Topics – Displays topics assigned to the conversation, if any.

  • Notes – Displays conversation notes. Click on the cell to see the list of all notes added to the conversation.

  1. Click on the required message to open the chat window and review the conversation flow, as well as added notes, tags, topics, and customer information.
Chat info
  1. Click Settings if you need to apply additional filters or customize your messaging history view.

On the Filters tab, the following filtering options are available:

  • Channels

  • Lead contact name

  • Groups

  • Agents

  • Queues

  • Tags

  • Topics

On the View tab, customize your view by selecting the required columns.

  1. Click the Export button and select how you want to export the call history report:
  • Download the report as an XLS file

  • Download the report as a CSV file

Export report