Receiving and handling calls in the cloud

The Voximplant platform can accept calls from different sources: phones, web pages, mobile devices. You can rent a number from us or connect your existing phone number via SIP. In this quickstart, we will rent a test phone number accessible as an extension. On the Voximplant control panel, select My phone numbers on the left menu and then select Buy new phone number in the upper right corner.

The phone number interface will be displayed. Select Test numbers, select one or more test numbers and click Buy selected.

After you’ve bought a number, you'll immediately see this number on the list.

Associate a phone number with the application created in the previous quickstart step to execute your JavaScript code and play a voice greeting if the rented phone number is called. To do so, go to Applicationsclick on the needed application (in our case, newapplication) and switch to the Numbers tab. Here, click on the Available tab, select a number and click Attach:

Now you can call a test phone number using one of the access numbers displayed on the page, followed by an extension. When the connection is established, you will hear a synthesized voice that reads a text – this is the Voximplant cloud that has just executed your JavaScript code and carried out your instructions.

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