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Upgrading to a video call

Audio calls can be upgraded to video calls in real-time due to flexibility of our Web and Mobile SDKs. Please note that to be able to upgrade a call, your cloud JS scenario should have video support enabled from the very beginning, so that you will just need to configure video on the SDK side.

To start sending and receiving video for a call running via Voximplant, you have to call the appropriate method on each side of the call successively (otherwise you may well get problems with the call).



There are some details to pay attention to:

  • During the call, an endpoint can stop only sending video, not receiving it. But if you do it on each side of the call successively, the reception will also stop.
  • When the call is on hold, you can't turn the video on or off.
  • Before you enable video sending, you must request camera permission from the operating system if it hasn't been already given by the user (for mobile SDKs, browsers with the Web SDK will do this automatically).