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How to use session logs

Every attempt to start a call using Voximplant creates a new independent call session in Voxengine. The session concept represents the interaction between two (or more) parties of a call.

Call History

When a session terminates, its log immediately becomes available in Call history. To access it, you can either go to the Calls section in the Control panel or use the GetCallHistory API method. Retrieving logs via the Control panel, you gets access to a handful visual representation:

The key features here are:

  • Copy log itself or the link to it to clipboard.

  • Downloag log in .txt format – see the button in the the top right corner.

  • Events and their time codes are highlighted for the sake of readability.

  • A minimap in the top right corner for navigating through long logs.

  • You can hide any of a call's sides (legs) for more convenient analysis – unfold the needed leg the left side of the screen and uncheck the Highlight call lines box there.