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Defining contact center user roles

A role is a combination of privileges and permissions that allow a user to access specific functionality within Voximplant Kit. Roles, therefore, define the type of work that users are allowed to do in the contact center. This helps you organize its effective operation and properly distribute responsibilities.

The Voximplant Kit contact center supports several roles that you can ascribe to users.

  • Agent

  • Manager

  • Administrator

  • Owner

Choose role


An Agent is a person who basically carries out the functions of a contact center: handles inbound and outbound communication with customers, follows various communication scripts, makes conversation notes.

Agents can access the contact center Workstation.

Agent's interface

Agents can answer calls from the queues they are assigned to and process chats. They can also view and edit Profile settings: change avatar, edit email address and password, select interface language and timezone.

If the functionality of outbound calls is activated either for all users, or for specifics user groups, agents may also have access to the Softphone and use it for calling. To activate this setting, move the Outbound calls toggle on the Settings > General, or Settings > Users (groups) tabs.


Please keep in mind that the user group’s settings override the general settings.


A Manager is responsible for agents in the contact center. Managers make sure that the agents they oversee meet the company’s goals and provide high-quality service.

Managers need to see the real time information so they can access the Live dashboard and Live conversations (including supervising) sections. Also, they can access the Workstation (to work as an agent), and Reports.

Managers can also edit their Profile settings and the contact center General settings, invite and edit users with Agent role, create queues, etc. Managers have access to the History section, where they can view the account’s calling and messaging history, review logs, listen to audio recordings and download reports.

Manager's interface


An Administrator is responsible for constructing the various components and workflows of the contact center and apply real time changes as necessary.

Administrators have access to the entire functionality of Voximplant Kit, except the Billing section – they cannot top up the account balance.

Administrators have permissions of Agents and Managers, and in addition to that can work with scenarios, operate campaigns, purchase and delete telephone numbers, generate API tokens, create functions, etc. Administrators can invite and edit users with Agent and Manager roles.

Administrator's interface


By default, the Owner role is assigned to the user who created the account.

Owners have access to the entire functionality of Voximplant Kit with no exceptions. This role is assigned to you when you register your Voximplant Kit account and is the only one until you purchase the Contact Center functionality.

If required, you can transfer the Owner role to other account users. For that, go to Settings > Users and select the Owner of the account. Then click the More options icon and select Edit user. In the Your role section, click Transfer ownership and select the user you want to transfer the Owner role.

Transfer ownership

Only Owners can access the Billing section.

Billing section