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Video conference recording

The Voximplant platform allows users to create a mixed recording of a video conference. In a video conference recording, the video is divided into sections for each participant's picture or screen sharing. Audio tracks from each participant are also mixed in the single track.

In a video conference record, each participant's section appears and disappears automatically when the participant enters or leaves the conference. If any participant shares its screen, it appears as an additional section and disappears when the screen sharing ends. The length of the video equals the length of the whole conference.

Please note

After the conversation, the recorded video does not appear in your control panel immediately. It appears after some processing time, usually a 1/5 of the conference time.

How to create a video conference recording

In the VoxEngine scenario, add a Recorder to the AppEvents.Started callback and specify the following RecorderParameters:

  • video: true to make the recorder capture video

  • videoopt : { mixing: true } to create a mixed record

  • videoopt : { profile : "FHD" } to specify video quality

The available values for video quality are (case sensitive):


1280x720 @30fps



1920x1080 @30fps



2560x1440 @30fps



3840x2160 @30fps


You can also specify the expire parameter (accepts one of the RecordExpireTime enumeration values) if you need to keep the video available for longer time (default is 3 months).


Increasing the expire parameter can cause billing expenses. Find more information on your control panel's "Billing" section.

After that you need to connect the conference object with the recorder via SendMediaTo:
conf.sendMediaTo(recorder);. That is all.

Please see the example scenario on how to implement a mixed recording in a video conference

Add a mixed recorder to a conference

Add a mixed recorder to a conference

Video conference record billing

When you record a conference, you pay for:

  1. Video recording
  2. Video composition and storage on AWS S3

The price for video composition and storage depends on two parameters: video quality and storage time. Please refer to your control panel's "Billing" section to find the price table on video conference recording.