Using HTTP API to make calls


Any Voximplant cloud JavaScript session can be started by an incoming call or programmatically via our HTTP API. The /StartScenarios API method accepts the Voximplant application rule identifier.  Scenarios started via the HTTP API can then initiate one or more outgoing calls as described in the previous quickstart step. It's also possible to automate mass outbound calls via the HTTP API "Call List" method that accepts a list of data items and creates multiple JavaScript sessions in parallel, passing individual data items to sessions so JavaScript code can initiate calls to the specified numbers and use other data to process such calls.

The Voximplant HTTP API supports multiple auth types. For most scenarios the account identifier paired with a renewable API key is the best choice. The rule identifier can be viewed in the Rules section inside of each particular application:

Given the account ID, API key and rule ID, a request to start a new JavaScript scenario will look like this:

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