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You can add Voximplant functionality to your web application, based on JavaScript or any web frameworks (such as jQuery, Angular, Vue, React) via CDN or NPM.

Add a CDN string to your application

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The simplest way to add Voximplant libraries is to include the following string to your application's main html file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://unpkg.com/voximplant-websdk"></script>


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If you are making an app via NPM, run the following command to install Voximplant libraries:

npm i voximplant-websdk --save


yarn add voximplant-websdk

Make sure that your web application is using the HTTPS protocol. Most browsers limit audio and video activity on non-secured pages.

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Initialize the SDK

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Use the getInstance method to get an instance of the Voximplant client and the init method to initialize it.

Initialize Web SDK

Initialize Web SDK

Connect and login

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Use the connect method to connect to the Voximplant Cloud and the login method to log in to your account.

Catching errors

You can use JavaScript try…catch statements to catch errors.

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Refer to this code example to understand how it works:

Connect to the Voximplant Cloud

Connect to the Voximplant Cloud

Start implementing functionality

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Now you have your application and SDK set up and successfully connected to the Voximplant cloud. To start implementing desired functionality, such as calls, conferences, messages, and more, go to the Guides section of our documentation and pick the features you need.

Web SDK demos

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Implement the desired functionality by following step-by-step Guides or download and test our latest Web SDK here:

  • Basic audio and video calls: Demonstrates how to use the Voximplant Web SDK to create audio and video calls with call transfer, DTMF, and many other features.

  • Click-to-call: Demonstrates how to use a click-to-call widget for your website that allows your customers to make a call over VoIP without leaving the website.

  • Call features: Demonstrates the full Web SDK demo list. Here you will find the information on how to automatically restore the current call, enable push notifications, and so on.

  • Video conference: Demonstrates the basic video conferencing functionality of Voximplant's Web SDK. Using it, you can make calls and conferences, send DTMF, make call transfers, share screens, etc.

  • Videoconf solution: Demonstrates how videoconf.voximplant.com works. Using it, you can create conferences, join existing conferences, use reactions, create chats, and do many more useful things.

  • Messaging: Demonstrates how to create your web and mobile messaging client based on the Voximplant SDKs.

  • Chat moderation: Demonstrates how to create a moderated chat so people cannot use certain words via the Voximplant instant messaging SDK.