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Android SDK has four dependencies: okhttp, gson, androidx annotations, and relinker. You can check the levels of dependencies directly in Maven. Note that the last release appear in Maven with a delay.

Add Voximplant libraries to your project

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  1. Add Voximplant to the build.gladle's dependencies section. Paste the current version from the changelog:
dependencies {
    // Paste the actual version from the changelog
    implementation 'com.voximplant:voximplant-sdk:2.38.0'
  1. Since the 2.5.0 version, it is required to add Java 8 support to your project in the build.gradle file:
android {
    ... //other configs
    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

Initialize the SDK

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With the latest version of the Android SDK, you do not need to require permissions manually.

A Voximplant application can require the following permissions:










Bluetooth permissions

On Android 12 or higher, the BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission is required. The permission must be granted before the call. Without granting this permission, Bluetooth audio devices will not be available. There is no need to request the permission on Android 11 or lower.

See Available Roles
Audio and video permissions

The CAMERA and RECORD_AUDIO permissions need a user prompt since Android 6.0 (use the Voximplant.getMissingPermissions method to see the permissions which are not granted by the user).

See Available Roles

Сreate a Voximplant client instance of IClient type and initialize it:



Connect and login

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Use the IClient.connect method to connect to the Voximplant cloud and the IClient.login method to login your user.

To track connection and authorization errors, use the IClientSessionListener and IClientLoginListener event listeners.

Refer to this code example to understand how it works:

Connect and login

Connect and login

Start implementing functionality

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Now you have your application and SDK set up and successfully connected to the Voximplant cloud. To start implementing desired functionality, such as calls, conferences, messages, and more, go to the Guides section of our documentation and pick the features you need.

Android SDK demos

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Implement the desired functionality by following step-by-step Guides or download and test our latest Android SDK here:

  • Audio call with ConnectionService: Demonstrates how to integrate ConnectionService with a voice call created with the Voximplant Android SDK.

  • Video call: Demonstrates the basic video call and screen sharing functionality of the Voximplant Android SDK.

  • Video call with DeepAR: Demonstrates how to integrate Voximplant Android SDK with DeepAR SDK to add face masks to a video call app.

  • Videoconf solution: Demonstrates how videoconf.voximplant.com works. Using it, you can create conferences, join existing conferences, use reactions, create chats, and do many more useful things.

  • Messaging: Demonstrates how to create your web and mobile messaging client based on the Voximplant SDKs.