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See Opus Research’s findings on how IVRs are being transformed with Conversational AI to recognize the intents of callers based on natural language input and respond with accurate answers, recommendations or actions.

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Whitepaper synopsis

Customer care has become digital, multi-channel and conversational. AI has made its way into these digital channels to automate and improve customer experience. However, over 60% of omnichannel conversations involve voice. More often than not, this voice interaction begins with an IVR. Often hiding in plain sight, the IVR has received little investment compared to other channels.

Fortunately IVRs are at the early stage of a renaissance. Recent AI, cloud, and development trends are reimagining the role IVRs play in customer experience.

The IVR is “The Voice of the Brand”. For almost two-thirds of customers, it can recognize the purpose of the call or intent of the caller and answer questions or take the appropriate action.

About the Author

Opus Research is a diversified advisory and analysis firm providing critical insight on software and services that support multimodal customer care. Opus Research is focused on “Conversational Commerce,” the merging of intelligent assistant technologies, conversational intelligence, intelligent authentication, enterprise collaboration and digital commerce.

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