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Setting up Voximplant – Buying real phone number

To make calls to a phone network from Voximplant, a real phone number is required since it will be used as a caller ID. On the Voximplant control panel, select Numbers on the left menu and then select Buy new phone number in the upper left corner.

The phone number interface will be displayed. Select Test numbers, select one or more virtual numbers and click Buy selected.

After you’ve bought a number, you'll immediately see this number on the list.

To associate a phone number with an application, go to Applications, click on the test application that we have previously created and switch to the Numbers tab. Here, click on the Available tab, select a number and click Attach:


If you've chosen the number in the country where no special verification is required (for example, in The United States) then you will be able to make calls now, otherwise, there will be a requirement to upload verification documents required by authorities in the country. It will take some time until the number becomes active if all the submitted verification documents are correct.