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Setting up Voximplant - Modifying scenario for outbound calls

The test application creation process includes the following actions: Voximplant application is created, VoxEngine scenario is created, then test phone number is bought and the scenario connected to the application by creating the application Rule that forwards all calls from the test number to the scenario.

At the end service account JSON file is bound to the application. By default, the VoxEngine scenario connects inbound calls to a Dialogflow agent, but we need to change it to work with outbound calls:

Outbound calls

Outbound calls

After you changed the scenario, click the Save button and switch to Routing on the left menu and click Run rule:

The Run rule dialog will be displayed. In the dialog specify a callee's phone number in Script Custom Data and click the Run rule button to initiate a call:

If everything was done correctly, the call will arrive at the specified phone number and you will hear a greeting from your agent.

Launching the scenario using API

If you want to initiate a call programmatically you need to use the StartScenarios method of HTTP API. You can also use CallLists if you need to initiate many calls.