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Setting up Voximplant – Inbound calls scenario

Test application creation process includes the following actions: Voximplant application is created, Voxengine scenario is created, then test phone number is bought and the scenario connected to the application by creating the application Rule that forwards all calls from the test number to the scenario.

At the end service account JSON file is bound to the application. The Voxengine scenario that connects inbound calls with a Dialogflow agent looks as follows:

Inbound calls

Inbound calls

This scenario sends media from an inbound call to the Dialogflow agent, query results are returned to the DialogflowResponse event.

Since we have enabled Speech Synthesis in the Dialogflow agent settings there will be DialogflowPlaybackStarted event after each DialogflowResponse event containing queryResult with fullfilmentText. It indicates that the audio stream with generated speech is being played. DialogflowResponse represents Dialogflow's QueryResult object.