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Adding Voximplant SDKs to Your App

Voximplant can accept and initiate calls from phones, SIP devices and it's own SDKs. Voximplant SDKs allow you to embed voice and video communication into your web or mobile applications. Before starting any communication, the SDK needs to connect to the cloud and login with a Voximplant user credential. After that, the SDK’s APIs can be used to initiate a call and events are triggered to indicate incoming call events. On the VoxEngine cloud side, there is generally no difference between phone, SIP, and/or calls made from one of the SDKs. Media streams from audio and/or video calls can be routed and connected in any combination. SDKs can also initiate and accept video calls and use the messaging subsystem.

Our native and cross-platform SDKs follow the best practices of the target endpoint platform. Select the appropriate SDK below and follow the instructions on how to add it to your project.