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SmartQueue reporting allows you to gather information such as:

  • The number of answered/missed/declined calls per queue

  • The number of operators and their statuses (ready/in service/after service/banned/etc.)

  • The amount of time spent in each status per operator (including the time to answer a call)

  • The number of waiting clients per queue

  • The number of clients who ended the call before reaching an operator

  • Average client waiting time per queue

  • Much more!

You can use all this information for your statistics or for the operator's workplace information panel.

How to request realtime reports

To get the current status of a queue, including all available operators, their statuses and the time spent in each status, use the GetSQState method:

Get current state

Get current state

To get the metrics for a specified queue for the last 30 minutes, including all the information about operators and queues, use the GetSmartQueueRealtimeMetrics method:

30 minutes report

30 minutes report

To get the metrics for a specified queue for the last 2 days, including all the information about operators and queues, use the GetSmartQueueDayHistory method:

2 days report

2 days report

In the response to these requests, you get a JSON with the requested data. Please note, that the response JSON's format depends on the type of your request, which you specify in the report_type and group_by parameters. To find all the possible values for these parameters, please refer to our API Reference.

How to request historic reports

You can request a historic report with all the data for the last half-year and request the reports as CSV tables.

Voximplant keeps reports for the following time intervals:

  • 30 minutes interval for the last day

  • 1 hour interval for the last day

  • Daily interval for the last 1/2 year

To request a historic report in a CSV table, use the RequestSmartQueueHistory method:

Request a historic report

Request a historic report

Depending on the report_type and group_by parameters, it will generate a special kind of the report and return the report's ID to you. To download or use the report, use the DownloadHistoryReport method:

Download the report

Download the report

Please note, that depending on your request's parameters and date interval, generating a CSV file may take up to an hour. If you need to have faster and more detailed reports (e.g. for 30 minutes interval for the last year), you may implement your own backend to store the realtime reports you get with GetSmartQueueRealtimeMetrics/GetSmartQueueDayHistory methods.