Jitsi Calling Connector

Connect PSTN calls to your Jitsi Meet web conferences.
Jitsi Calling Connector

Add Phone Dial-Ins to Extend Jitsi Web Conferences

Developers install the Jitsi Meet open source project on a private server infrastructure to provide web conferencing services for their users. They can enable telephony users to join a web conference by adding telephony dial-in and dial-out options to their Jitsi implementation. Voximplant makes it easy to do this, by implementing the same robust support for PSTN and SIP telephony connectivity used by over 20 million Jitsi Meet users.

31% of surveyed users

join video calls from a mobile phone (Lifesize)

More than 11 million

video conferencing meetings are held each day by U.S. businesses (skillscouter)

46% of users claim

that the audio quality can be that which detracts from good video conferencing communication (skillscouter)

Used By Leading WebRTC Engineers

The popular Jitsi Meet service features inbound dialing based on interactive voice response (IVR) and call-in services provided by Voximplant.A technical tutorial in our documentation shows how Jitsi Meet self-installers can use the same Voximplant technologies to add inbound and outbound dialing to their own Meet installations.We start with some architecture for context and then provide a step-by-step guide with easy to reuse code for setting up Jigasi (Jitsi’s SIP gateway) and Voximplant’s environment.
Many thanks to the Jitsi team, especially Damian Minkov for sharing their environment details and reviewing our documentation.

Providing PSTN calling capabilities

Helping leverage customers' advanced architecture

The Go-To Choice by the Founder of Jitsi

My go-to choice for connecting Jitsi backends to SIP or PSTN.
Emil Ivov
Founder, Jitsi

Complete Call-in Solution

Avoid difficulties related to connecting PSTN users

Secure Connection and Optimizations

While installing Jitsi Meet for web conferencing is straightforward, it can be difficult to connect PSTN users. Inbound PSTN calls need to pass a bridge ID and password to the Jitsi Meet servers using SIP signaling. This enables the caller to securely connect with the proper conference. In addition, mute and kick functions for both inbound and outbound PSTN calls must be handled by external systems and optimizations are required for scalability.

The Voximplant Calling Connector solution

Our solution for Jitsi Meet addresses these challenges, enabling developers to deploy a fully featured private conferencing service that supports PSTN participants. It is easy to integrate with your Jitsi Meet environment and includes access to toll-free and regular phone numbers and calling services to up to 190 countries. Use cases include:

Enable users

to join a Jitsi Meet conference via dial-in using an IVR (PSTN)

Add participants

by dialing out to the PSTN, as described in G2 and docs. Available to Jitsi Meet web conference users

Key Features

The Voximplant solution is easy to implement and includes sample code to accelerate your project.

IVR prompts PSTN users

To enter conference PIN and password

Number mapper

Links conference URLs to PINs

Number list

Manages a pool of PSTN numbers that can connect to any conference

SIP message manipulation

Passes conference URL to Jitsi Meet

Scalability enhancements

Including intrasession SSRC mixing and active speaker detection

Sample code

To streamline deployment

Calling services

To 190 countries

Purchase toll and toll-free

Phone numbers in 60 countries

Trusted by the World’s Most Innovative Businesses

Over 30,000 businesses worldwide trust Voximplant to deliver their critical communications.

Ready for Global Applications

Quickly develop applications

Quickly develop applications

with fully custom code using Web, iOS and Android SDKs for React Native, Flutter, and Unity; API clients for Node.js, Python, PHP, Go, .NET, and Java.

Best of breed AI integrations

Best of breed AI integrations

with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Yandex, and Tinkoff provide multilingual support.

Highly reliable global infrastructure

Highly reliable global infrastructure

with 14 diverse PoPs on five continents that provide low latency communications to 190 countries.

GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant

GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant

Build your app with enterprise-grade security that meets global compliance, including GDPR and ISO 27001.

Rapid deployment

Rapid deployment

using our completely self-service administrator portal.

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