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Getting started with Kit

Voximplant Kit is an omnichannel contact center with no-code AI and a flexible voice-activated IVR. It can transform your contact center and even integrate with your existing solution.

Call automation in Voximplant Kit is configured in your web browser, and the calls themselves are processed in the Voximplant cloud.

To start working with your Voximplant Kit, register your account first.

Now you can log in to your newly created Voximplant Kit account. After you log in, the first page you see is Overview. Here you can watch a short video tutorial describing the main features of Voximplant Kit. On the left sidebar, you can see the list of sections you need for easy work with Voximplant Kit. In the Inbound and Outbound sections, you can design the necessary scenarios. In the Audio section, upload audio recordings that the system uses. By using the Numbers section you can buy a new phone number or add your own and verify documents required for the legal approval of the purchased phone numbers. In the Integration section, you can configure email settings, SIP whitelist addresses, Dialogflow agents, global variables, and API tokens. Use the History section to review the call and messaging history.


To start working with Kit, you need to buy a phone number or confirm an existing one. To buy a new phone number, go to the Numbers section, in the Manage numbers tab click Buy number, and follow the instructions. To confirm the personal phone number you want to use for test calls, you need to verify it by entering the code the system sends you after the registration in the appropriate field. After that, you can create your first scenario and test the Voximplant Kit functionality.

To create a scenario, use Inbound or Outbound sections depending on your needs. In Voximplant Kit, you can create your own scenario or use available templates. Click Blank scenario to open the scenario editor. From the list on the left side, select the blocks you need and place them on canvas. To design the sequence, connect each block by using the ports.

Your first scenario

After you create your scenario, test it before publishing. To test the scenario, click Test, select the Caller ID, enter a phone number for the test call and click Test. The system shows how the call goes from one block to another. To exit the scenario editor, click the violet square in the upper left corner. Click Publish to publish the scenario and exit or click Save as draft to exit without publishing.

In Voximplant Kit, you can create a call campaign. This campaign allows launching automated calls based on a concrete scenario. To create the campaign, go to the Outbound section, in the Automated Campaigns tab, click Create Campaign. Configure the necessary campaign settings and launch your campaign.

Review the call or messaging history in the History section. You can check the log of the required call or even listen to the audio recording if needed.