Debugging scenarios


It's much easier to develop apps with the right tools. One of the important processes during any app development is debugging. Keeping in mind that call control logic is written in Javascript and usual web developers can build apps for VoxImplant, we decided to create convenient debugger to let developers debug their apps in real-time right in a web browser. We called it call control debugger and it's now available at VoxImplant control panel.


Debug menu item is available in the main menu on top of the control panel:debuggerDebugger initialization[/caption] Three dropdowns let you choose the application and the rule you are going to debug, and specify one of the debugging criteria:

  • Calls from specific IP address - debugger will be connected to the session started by the call from the specified IP address.
  • Calls from specific phone number - debugger will be connected to the session started by the call to/from specified phone number.
  • All calls - debugger will be connected to the session started by any call that matches the specified Rule and Application.

The debugger will be launched after the 'Start debug' button click, you can see its interface on the image below:

Call control debugger

The interface is very similar to Developer tools (like Firebug) for web browsers that used to debug Javascript apps and contains Scripts, Watch Expressions, Call Stack, Breakpoints and Console sections. Functionality is also similar to JS debugger. The debugger will be waiting for a new session that matches specified parameters (Application, Rule, Criteria) to appear after pressing the 'START' button. If some breakpoint was specified script execution will be paused at the line with breakpoint and Controls can be used for step-by-step debugging or to resume execution.

JavaScript scenario can output into the Debug Console via the trace() function.

The video below shows VoxImplant call control debugger in action starting from 1:26 We believe that our approach significantly simplifies and speeds up the debugging process for developers and we are happy to answer any questions about the debugger and its capabilities in the comments or via email.