• Introduce VideoView showOnTop prop for Android to indicate that the video view should be displayed on top of others. Fix for #57
  • Provide error description for promise rejection
  • Specify RN supported versions in peerDependencies (RN >= 0.47.0)


  • Update native Android and iOS modules to use Voximplant Andorid SDK 2.8.1 and Voximplant iOS SDK 2.18.0
  • Fix to receive EndpointEvents after subscription in CallEvents.EndpointAdded event in case of incoming call
  • Remove unused imports


  • Update native Android and iOS modules to use Voximplant Andorid SDK 2.8.0 and Voximplant iOS SDK 2.17.0
  • Introduce ClientConfig.requestAudioFocusMode option to specify when audio focus request should be performed by SDK on Android
  • Fix for crash on establishing the connection with the Voximplant Cloud with connectivity check enabled (Android)


  • Update native Android and iOS modules to use Voximplant Android SDK 2.6.1 and Voximplant iOS SDK 2.16.0
  • CallKit integration support for iOS
  • Fix for #45
  • Fix: not able to get endpoints while processing incoming call event
  • Fix: CallEvents.LocalVideoStreamRemoved is not invoked
  • New API: Client.callConference API to create call to a dedicated conference without proxy session
  • New API: VideoCodec enum to specify preferred video codec for calls.
  • Replace H264First property with preferredVideoCodec property
  • Add ability to specify video codec for a particular call on android
  • Memory management improvements
  • Stability improvements and bugfix


  • Update native Android and iOS modules to use the latest Voximplant SDKs
  • Fix: videoStream is undefined in RemoteVideoStreamRemoved event
  • Rename native Android and iOS modules to avoid naming conflicts with other react native packages


  • Introduce ClientConfig.bundleId property to specify Android application package name to enable push notifications across several mobile applications on a specific platform (Android or iOS) using a single Voximplant application.


  • Update native Android module to use the Voximplant Android SDK 2.5.1


  • New APIs with advanced functionality:

    • Promises support
    • Ability to indicate video directions on call creation or answering
    • Easy way to subscribe to Voximplant React Native SDK events with on/off APIs instead of DeviceEventEmitter
    • Extended control for audio devices and camera with ability to handle events about new audio device, audio device changes, camera errors
    • Video resize modes for android
    • Endpoints, Video streams and Video views

    See official guides for mode details.


  • Fix for login fail with access token, if previously login was performed via one time key
  • Fix for #40


  • Fix RN 0.54 compatibility


  • Add push notifications support
  • Change iOS integration to Podfile approach
  • Update native iOS and Andorid SDKs to the latest versions
  • Bugfixes and stability improvements