Auth parameters

How authentication works

Most of VoxImplant http api calls requires authentication and authorization that connects api calls to your account. In order to authenticate, identify your account by passing one of following argument to http api call (you could find these values in the API Access section of the Control panel):

account_id The account ID
account_name The account name
account_email The account email

In order to provide security, authorization info should be also provided by passing one of following argument to http api call:

api_key The account API key
account_password The account password
session_id The API session ID. Tip: this is temporary value providing by the /Logon method

Additionally, a special kind of user account called "Administrator user" can be created for authentication - see the Administrators section of the Control panel. This account type extends common VoxImplant user account with security permissions and http api login capabilities. Using administrator users credentials instead of account credentials allows to fine-tune application security. Administrator user name and id are not always unique across accounts and servers. If administrator user name or id is used, corresponding account must be specified by additionally providing either account_id, account_name or account_email.

admin_user_id Administrator user can be specified instead of auth info for fine-grained access.
admin_user_name Verbose name that can be used instead of admin_user_id.
admin_user_api_key If admin user name or id is specified, this parameter is used for authorization.
admin_user_password Can be used instead of admin_user_api_key for authorization.