Configuration for new IClient instance.


boolean H264first

Use H264 video codec, if exist. False by default.

boolean enableCameraMirroring

Enable/disable front facing camera mirroring. True by default.

boolean enableDebugLogging

Enable debug logging. False by default.

boolean enableHWAccelerationForDecoding

Enable hardware video acceleration for decoding. True by default. Should be set to false, if it is required to get remote video frames in I420 format with byte buffers

boolean enableHWAccelerationForEncoding

Enable hardware video acceleration for encoding. True by default.

boolean enableLogcatLogging

Enable log output to logcat. True by default.

boolean enableVideo

Enable video functionality. True by default.


Since 2.5.2
String packageName

Application package name is generally the applicationId in your app-level build.gradle file.

You need to set this only if you are going to send push notifications across several Android apps using a single Voximplant application.

boolean provideLocalFramesInByteBuffers

Request video frames from camera in I420 format with byte buffers. Set to false by default.
Should be used only in case of custom implementation of video renderer (VideoRenderer.Callbacks class).
If set to true, VideoRenderer.Callbacks.renderFrame() will always provide the frames from camera in I420 format with byte buffers.
If set to false, video frames from camera will be provided in I420 format with textures.

int statsCollectionInterval

Call statistics collection interval in milliseconds. Default 5000. Must be multiple of 500.