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Distributing incoming calls (ACD)

VoxEngine is able to distribute incoming calls automatically based on queues – each call is placed to the queue(s) and then is connected with a free call center rep immediately or after some time (the time depends on agents' workload).

It is possible with an Automatic Call Distributor, a dedicated VoxEngine module. The queues should be created for a particular Voximplant application, it can be done either in the Control panel or via the HTTP API.

Once a queue is created, you have to assign at least one user of your application. From that moment on, the bound user(s) will be able to handle calls that are placed to that queue.

This is how you can instruct the cloud to answer an incoming call, add it to the queue and connect to an operator when one is ready:

the simplest queue distribution

the simplest queue distribution


To understand the nuances of how ACD operates, check the appropriate HowTo's.

If you want to learn how to build a call center upon this functionality, read this tutorial.