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User conversations

Voximplant conversations platform allows users to send direct messages to each other or create chat rooms for up to 1000 participants.

Direct messages Represent your customers as [users](/docs/introduction/introduction_to_voximplant/basic_concepts/users) in your account, and they will be able to send direct messages to each other via Voximplant conversation platform.

Direct messages is the type of conversation called a direct one, which means there can be only 2 participants. It is a unique conversation for those two users, and such a conversation cannot be public and/or uber.

Chat rooms

Users can create multiple independent chat rooms — up to 1000 participants each.

The chat rooms can be public, which means that anyone can freely join the conversation by its ID. If a conversation is not public, then only the conversation's owner or manager can add new participants.

You can make the chat room uber, which means that users can only see the messages created since they joined the chat room.