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Events: retransmit

This article will teach you how to retransmit events and why you need it.


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What is event retransmission

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Each action in a Voximplant conversation is represented by events. This includes sending, receiving, and editing messages; adding and removing participants, changing user permissions and conversation preferences, and much more.

When a user is logged in to the conversation, the user tracks these events via event listeners. But when a user is logged off, the user cannot track any events.

That is why, when you log a user into a conversation, you need to retransmit events to update previous messages and other conversation changes.

How to retransmit events

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In WebSDK, use the retransmitEvents method to retransmit up to 100 previous events.

In the iOS SDK, use the following methods to retransmit events:

In the Android SDK, use the following methods as well:

Please refer to given API reference links to learn more about these methods.

Here is a code example of how to retransmit events in Web, iOS and Android SDKs:

Event retransmission

Event retransmission

The retransmitEvents method requires two parameters: to and count.

The to parameter's value equals the conversation's lastSequence property, and the count parameter's value is an integer that represents the number of events.

Download our demos

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Here you can download our instant messaging demos for multiple platforms for your instance: