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Users within a Voximplant account can be added to conversations. In this way, they become participants. Thus, every participant is a Voximplant user, but a Voximplant user is not necessarily a participant.

A participant is represented by the Participant structure which includes:

An isOwner flag shows if a participant can edit a conversation. There should be at least one owner at a conversation, thus, a user that initiates a conversation becomes an owner automatically (as the very first participant). For all further added participants this flag would be set to false by default. However, there can be more than one owner in a conversation, so the first owner can change this flag for a number of other participants.

The creator of a conversation is not only an owner by default but also has the canManageParticipants flag set to true. This combination allows the first owner to manage other participants in a conversation: add/remove participants and edit their permissions.