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The main Voximplant account, as well as its users and child accounts, can create conversations, which are isolated from each other by default, i.e., a conversation created by child account #1 is not available for the users of child account #2.

A conversation is represented by the Conversation structure, which includes:

Conversations fall into one of four classes: regular, direct, uber, and public.

A direct conversation is a conversation where there can be only 2 participants. It is a unique conversation for those two users. Such a conversation can't be uber and/or public.

A uber conversation allows participants to see only the messages that were created during their participation in the conversation.

A public conversation allows users from other child accounts to join it via its ID. Otherwise, users can’t join on their own, but still can be added by participants with the canManageParticipants permission.

By default, a conversation is regular, which means it’s NOT public, NOT uber, and NOT direct.