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How to receive SMS

If you set up the option of receiving SMS to a Voximplant number, your backend server can handle callbacks from our cloud and retrieve SMS text. These SMS can be either alert messages, customers’ feedback or something else. There’s an opportunity to store the whole bunch of SMS on your backend for further analysis and research.

For each inbound SMS, a specific callback is triggered – InboundSmsCallback, which contains InboundSmsCallbackItem with both source and destination numbers plus the SMS text.

Using callbacks

With callbacks, the Voximplant HTTP API becomes even more useful in terms of better integration and monitoring.

So, to use them, you have to go to the Webhooks section of the Voximplant control panel and click Add in the middle of the screen. The two boxes will appear: Callback URL and Security salt. In the Сallback URL, specify the URL of your backend server and click Save.

Then, set up your backend server in a preferred way and make it communicate with the Voximplant HTTP API. See this article for HTTP callback details.