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Conversation history

Avatar allows developers to review every conversation between the avatar and customers in a human-readable mode, displaying every detected intent and entity during the conversation.

This helps developers to control the quality of avatar's conversations, find out scenario mistakes, and correct the avatar's behaviour, improving the customer service.


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In the conversation history section, you can:

  • Read all the conversations between your avatar and customers

  • Understand the avatar's logic

  • Review the detected intents and entities

  • Track changing avatar states

  • Go to the Training section right from the conversation history to change the intent and re-train the avatar

How to open conversations history

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To view the conversation history:

  1. Log in to your control panel and go to the Avatar section.
  2. Choose the necessary avatar.
  3. Go to the Conversation history section within the avatar.
Conversation history
  1. Choose the conversation from the list and click View conversation.
  2. On the appeared page, you can see the avatar and customer utterances, detected intents, entities, and the avatar's state at the moment of the utterance.
  1. If you need to re-train your avatar in case of any errors, click the Go to training button to review and correct the user requests.