WebRTC API Services

Integrate WebRTC-powered voice and video into your services.

Building a WebRTC App Has Never Been Easier

Voximplant makes it easy for developers to leverage WebRTC technology. Our mobile and web SDKs wrap all the necessary technicalities – STUN/TURN/ICE, video quality control, and bandwidth optimization – for rapid implementation of your apps.

Our serverless platform helps you skip server maintenance, reduce the total cost of ownership, and get to market faster. We handle all the WebRTC infrastructure scale and maintenance in our environment. Start responding to customers with a few lines of code deployed in our cloud.

We Provide a Robust Infrastructure for Efficient Communications

Connect any device

Connect any device

Connect voice and video calls across browsers and mobile apps. We provide you with SDKs for web, iOS, Android, React Native, Flutter, and Unity.

Global coverage

Global coverage

To ensure your app 24/7 wherever your users are, we maintain a global data center network spanning 5 continents. With full redundancy and low-latency connections, you won’t be distracted by unreliable communications.

Scale without sacrificing flexibility

Scale without sacrificing flexibility

Start small and grow with your business. Expand the number of users, add new features and serve more customers on-demand.

Our customers

“With Voximplant, our team was able to quickly implement a solution that allowed us to organize outgoing and incoming communication flows and minimize the waiting time for customers. We also appreciated the flexibility of Voximplant as we got a tailor-made solution that works for our operators and business needs”.

Alexander Sapov
CEO, GetTransfer.com

What Our Customers Build

One-to-one calls

Connect one-to-one audio and video calls directly between apps without an intermediate server. We handle the signaling that enables peers to securely connect with each other.

Multi-party conferences

Create video conferences with up to 50 participants. We allow you to build multi-party video calls in two ways: P2P mesh with low infrastructure overhead and server-based SFU to ensure higher quality of service.

Live chat

Integrate live chat so customers can exchange text during a video call.


Allow your customers to call a company representative with one click from a web or mobile app.

Key Features

Screen sharing

Share the entire screen or one of the active windows during a video call.


Record and securely store audio and video calls in the Voximplant cloud. Recorded files are accessible both from the cloud-side JS API and from the client-side HTTP API.

Unified conference model

Connect PSTN, SIP, native mobile, and WebRTC endpoints in the same video conference.

HD video

Implement video calls with 1920x1080 resolution.

Experience Reliable Video Quality Wherever Your Customers Are

  • Eliminate server latencies with P2P calling. Media goes directly from one device to another instead of being routed through intermediate infrastructure.

  • Our data center network includes 14 POPs worldwide. This allows your customers to make and receive calls across 190 countries with high quality.

  • With support for the latest WebRTC simulcast feature, our servers adapt each video stream to the bandwidth and capabilities available at each endpoint. This optimizes the experience for each user.

Why Voximplant


Affordable pricing

Since our servers don’t touch the media during one-to-one calls and P2P mesh configurations, we don’t charge for peer-to-peer traffic between our SDKs. See prices for server-based video conferences here


Reliable communications

Experience a 99.99% uptime SLA which equals around four minutes of downtime per month



Build and scale your app with enterprise-grade security that meets global compliance, including GDPR and ISO 27001

We’ll Turn Your Idea into a Working App

If you don’t have in-house developers or they are busy with other tasks, you can delegate WebRTC app development to Voximplant experts. We’ll write custom code and build communications apps for your web or mobile service.

Throughout the years we’ve built a strong team of experts. We’ll handle the entire development lifecycle – from creating an idea to WebRTC app support and maintenance.

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