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WebRTC Solution for Boundless Communications

With WebRTC, you can provide customers with real-time voice, video, and data communications. You can deliver high-quality calls from your web-based service to a contact center even in the poorest network conditions. WebRTC technology is based on APIs that enable direct data transfers without the use of servers.

WebRTC allows you to connect more contact center agents as your business grows, customize platform capabilities such as video conferencing and click-to-call functionality, and manage communications from a single web interface.

Enterprise-Class Communications with WebRTC


P2P channel enables endpoints to connect directly. Forget about costs for server utilization and phone hardware

Easy plug and use

There is no need for additional plug-ins, licensing, or downloads. Build and manage communications directly from your browser

Adapts to network conditions

Provide the best customer experience regardless of a user’s browser or network conditions

Best Suited for WebRTC

In-app chat

Build WebRTC-based audio and video, chat apps complemented by Voximplant’s other capabilities to give customers multiple choices to communicate with you

Call recording

WebRTC calls can be recorded and stored in the cloud. Transcript, and analyze both audio and video calls to improve customer service

Online conferencing

Provide quick and effective team collaboration from anywhere with remote agents


Broadcast WebRTC webinars to millions on platforms like YouTube Live and Twitch.tv leveraging Voximplant’s cloud WebRTC to live stream gateway


Enable customers to call your contact center with one click. Route callers to desired departments, allowing agents to engage with customers more efficiently

Screen sharing

Let conference participants share their screens during a call. Customers can either share full screen or one of active windows

“While new communication tools like social networking, video conferencing, and group chat have been growing in popularity over the years, telephony still reigns supreme when it comes to business in general and sales in particular. What we liked about Voximplant is that it is extremely easy to integrate with other communication channels, especially since it stays up-to-date with the newest technologies, like WebRTC.”

Dmitry Valyanov
Vice President, Bitrix24

The Voximplant Advantage


Call automation

for every time zone



to build a simple call center


System availability

is maintained

Deliver Better Customer Service

Before Voximplant

  • Complex telecom costs
  • Lack of personalized communications
  • Inability to connect remote agents

With Voximplant

  • Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model
  • Intelligent customer engagement
  • Seamless integration of new agents via browsers

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