Modern Conversational IVRs with Dialogflow

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A best-in-class customer service strategy is about delivering stellar service - no matter what. When service requests are skyrocketing, it’s important that businesses continue to remain reliable and responsive to their customers.

In this complimentary guide sponsored by Voximplant, contact center managers, customer service architects, and IT teams will gain a comprehensive overview of voicebots – speech-powered artificial intelligence technology – and how they can help your customer-facing teams meet or exceed customer needs in stressful times. You will pick up proven tips for integrating voicebots with telephony systems and how Voximplant accomplishes this using Dialogflow.

“Voximplant has been a longstanding Dialogflow Contact Center AI partner and was one of the first to launch a Dialogflow integration back in 2018. With the launch of Voximplant’s one-click integration with Dialogflow, we are providing the easiest way to add conversational AI to contact centers which Voximplant and Dialogflow users will find extremely powerful.”

Shantanu Misra,  Product Manager @ Dialogflow, Google

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Chad Wallace Hart is an analyst and consultant at, a product management, marketing, and strategy advisory helping to advance the communications industry. Chad’s recent experience and projects include authoring an extensive report on the applications of Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Communications, managing a new product incubator program, launching a WebRTC startup, product marketing, and product ownership of various IP communications, WebRTC, and CPaaS offers. Chad is a frequent speaker, blogger/editor at and, and event organizer with Kranky Geek and WebRTC Boston.

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