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Voximplant supports not only calls but short text messages via Short Messaging Service (SMS) provided by mobile networks. SMS is commonly used as an auxiliary option for informing customers – one-way (A2P) - or for exchanging personal messages between customers – two-way (P2P).

Depending on your goals, you can either implement one of these communication types or combine them using the same API. Prior to using the SMS API, you need to purchase a phone number that supports SMS functionality.

You can do this in the Control panel, in the Numbers section of the main menu. Most phone numbers support SMS, but if a phone number doesn't support it, an appropriate hint appears. Note that test numbers don’t support this functionality. After you purchased a number, enable SMS processing manually by clicking Edit in the number's menu. The Edit number dialog will appear; being here, toggle Disable/Enable SMS and click Save.

You can also enable SMS processing via the ControlSms method of our HTTP API.

Check our howtos to learn more about sending and receiving messages in Voximplant:

  1. Sending one-way and two-way SMS
  2. Retrieving two-way SMS text using a specific HTTP callback