Introduction to the Voximplant SMS Functionality

Introduction to the Voximplant SMS Functionality

It’s time for a great announce – Voximplant finally launched SMS functionality! These tiny messages could be extremely useful, e.g., using them to inform customers, but let’s be consistent and begin from the very beginning.

How to enable SMS functionality?

First of all, it is required to purchase a phone number which supports the SMS functionality. In the VoxImplant control panel, on the left menu, select Numbers and then click Buy new phone number in the upper right corner.

Choose a Country, Phone category, Country state, and Country region which are suitable for your purposes. Most phone numbers support the SMS functionality, If a phone number doesn't support it, an appropriate hint appears. Note that virtual numbers don’t support this functionality.

Purchase a number, then go to the Numbers —> My phone numbers. There is an SMS Enabled checkbox which is not selected by default. To enable it, click Edit in the number's menu, the Edit number dialog will appear. Here, toggle Disable/Enable SMS and click Save. That’s it.

This action could also be performed via HTTP API. Use the /ControlSms method for this purpose.

What can be done with it and how?

For each inbound SMS, a specific callback is executed – InboundSmsCallback, which contains InboundSmsCallbackItem with both source and destination numbers plus SMS text.  

If you set up receiving SMS to a Voximplant number, your backend server can handle callbacks from our cloud and retrieve SMS text. These SMS can be either alert messages or customers’ feedback or something else; there’s an opportunity to store the whole bunch of SMS on your backend for further analysis and research.

You can also send SMS manually from the number purchased from Voximplant. To do so, use the /SendSmsMessage method. Using SMS functionality in this way allows you to inform customers/partners about price movements, change in policies, etc. And don’t forget about the customer verification purposes.

Text still rules

Short text messages are still needed to inform customers, verify some actions, get urgent alerts and so on. If your business ever needs this convenient tool, feel free to use it right in Voximplant instead of 3rd party services. Hope you will enjoy our SMS implementation! Stay tuned.

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