Voice API

Integrate custom voice capabilities into your service. Increase the voice experience with call recordings, speech recognition, and more

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Programmable Voice

Voximplant’s Voice API allows you to make, receive and manage phone calls. Embed voice calling into your mobile or web app without specific telecommunications knowledge or hardware. Build call logic that fits any device, over any network.

Manage Calls with Code

Connect calls anywhere

Integrate SIP, VoIP, and PSTN calling to your service. Initiate calls from any endpoint to the cloud and vice versa

Flexible software

Build the call experience you need with an intuitive Voice API that lets you build new state-of-the-art capabilities while interoperating with legacy infrastructure

Manage easily

Voximplant hosts your communications code in its cloud-based, serverless architecture so you can effortlessly scale with no server infrastructure costs

Developer friendly

With a full featured, intuitive development and test environment along with 13 different client libraries and SDKs, you’ll be up and running on your platforms of choice in no time


Phone numbers

Look local and cover the globe with from phone numbers in 58 counties

Smart IVR

Quickly automate customer interactions with DTMF, voice inputs, or build a conversational IVR using an AI virtual agent

Call routing

Automatic Call Distribution module to assign calls to organized queues based on agent expertise and availability

Call recordings

Record, store and transcribe calls with a few lines of code. Use chat logs with timestamps for further analysis. Improve the quality of agent responses

Predictive Dialer

Easily build outbound campaigns with built-in call list management and voicemail detection

Audio conferencing

Create conferences that connect to as many as 100 endpoints across fixed, mobile, web, and SIP devices

Speech synthesis and recognition

Let voice agents speak to callers in their native language. Voximplant supports the Deep Learning generated voices provided by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Yandex. Convert speech to text for call record transcription and real-time Smart IVR scenarios with many optimization features

Advanced features

Go beyond with additional functionality like peer-to-peer calling, WebSockets, Google Analytics tracking, real-time streaming and even bot integrations

Our clients

“Rocketbank had been using standard telecom solutions for two years. We were generally satisfied, as we mainly communicated with our clients via an in-app chat. 90% of all customer contact was message-based, while the remaining 10% consisted of operator calls to customers who had ordered cards. As our bank grew, operators needed to handle our increasing customer flow. It was no longer sustainable for operators to manually dial outgoing calls, and with regards to incoming calls, t was necessary to optimize customer authentication and the related data retrieval.”

Inga Labakhua
Emission and Delivery Manager, Rocketbank

The Voximplant Advantage


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