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The Voximplant API allows you to program the sending and receiving of both IP and SMS messages. With IP messaging, developers can integrate person-to-person chats in mobile and web apps. In turn, the SMS gateway service routes SMS messages from app to mobile phone networks and vice versa.

Text messaging can be used to provide marketing activities. For instance, you can segment your customer base and send personalized offers via SMS. It’s also useful to embed text messaging into customer support service. With chat or SMS texting, you can provide more engaging conversational interactions and quicker response times.

Build Better User Experience

Improve customer engagement

Improve customer engagement

Let customers communicate with text messaging channels they prefer. Expand your presence on social platforms

Enable instant alerts

Enable instant alerts

Keep customers informed with timely text notifications. Reduce call center workload and minimize time-consuming phone calls

Keep customers secured

Keep customers secured

Protect your business and customers using two-factor authentication. Send SMS or push notifications for verification




Enable one-to-one or group chats with up to 1000 participants. Set and update access for each participant

Push notifications

Push notifications

Integrated support for Apple Push Notification System (APNS) and Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

IP Messaging

IP Messaging

Implement Voximplant messaging with web pages, apps, backends, and messengers through an easy to use Web API



Send and receive text messages to mobile numbers. Track the delivery status of sent messages and extract message history

Our customers

“Of all the advantages of partnering with the Voximplant platform I want to highlight the ease of integration and configuration. The implementation of the cloud call center was a task for our core and support, and we were able to meet the relatively short deadline. This would not have been possible if we had initially received complex tools that required separate study. In addition, Voximplant is ready to support us around the clock, which further simplified the task.”

Felipe Villamarin
Co-founder, Rappi

The Voximplant Advantage

up to 1000


in group chats


Different client libraries

and SDKs


System availability

is maintained

Don’t Waste Customers’ Time

Before Voximplant

Before Voximplant

  • Impersonal business communications
  • Lack of choice in communication channels
  • Slow response times
With Voximplant

With Voximplant

  • Segmented promotional content
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Improved conversion rates

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