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Allow your customers to broadcast video calls with the Voximplant API

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Voximplant’s Approach

Easily embed live-streaming capabilities into your communication app for broadcasting webinars, online meetings, and vlogs. Stream live and manage recorded video content.

Let your customers initiate a video call on their mobile, web apps, or SIP devices. Voximplant then forwards the video stream to YouTube Live,, or any other live streaming provider that supports the RTMP protocol.

Next-Gen Streaming Capabilities


All streams are automatically recorded and available after the broadcast ends with no additional processing or complex workflows to manage


Voximplant handles up to 49 participants of video conferencing and streams can be watched by an unlimited number of viewers

Easy configuration

With the specific VoxEngine module StreamingAgent, you can implement the live-streaming functionality in minutes

Why Voximplant?

No downloads

With the Voximplant API platform embedded directly into your app or website, there is no need to download and install third-party broadcasting software


Your customers will not only be able to stream audio and video using their smartphone, notebook camera, and microphone but can also share their screens


We don’t charge fees for creating live streaming endpoints and stream keys. Our pricing model allows you to pay only for the volume of data you transfer through the service

Fast time to market

The Voximplant platform was designed to allow you to launch customizable solutions in no time



calls per year



on the market



across the globe

Our customers

“Of all the advantages of partnering with the Voximplant platform I want to highlight the ease of integration and configuration. The implementation of the cloud call center was a task for our core and support, and we were able to meet the relatively short deadline. This would not have been possible if we had initially received complex tools that required separate study. In addition, Voximplant is ready to support us around the clock, which further simplified the task.”

Felipe Villamarin
Co-founder, Rappi

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