Call Routing

Transfer voice calls to right agents and departments. Easily handle peak hours and increase agent productivity.

What Can You Build

Advanced call routing

Advanced call routing

Custom the routing system logic to triage inbound call flow and handle the most important calls first

Smart IVR integration

Smart IVR integration

Manage personalized greetings and distribute callers to queues more efficiently. Set up your voicemail so no calls are missed even during time off

ACD module

ACD module

Track agent statuses to gauge your call center’s productivity and use graphic dashboards to manage the wait time

The Voximplant Advantage

24 / 7

Call automation

for every time zone



to build a simple call center


System uptime

is maintained

Why Need Call Routing

Before Voximplant

Before Voximplant

  • Customers waste time switching between agents
  • Agents receive calls beyond their expertise
  • Low call resolution rate
With Voximplant

With Voximplant

  • Faster response to calls
  • Enhanced agent productivity
  • Reduced call handling time

Our customers

"Sometimes we’ve only got minutes to get to an airport urgently or organize the transportation of a large team to a corporate event. Our team solves these problems every day around the globe and therefore, efficient and organized communication between carriers and passengers is one of our priorities. With Voximplant, our team was able to quickly implement a solution that allowed us to organize outgoing and incoming communication flows and minimize the waiting time for customers."

Alexander Sapov
Alexander Sapov CEO,

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