Call Queuing

Never miss sales calls with call queuing. Keep a caller on temporary hold until your agent becomes available

Why Use Call Queuing?

When a call center receives more phone calls than it can handle, companies miss calls and lose revenue. Instead of hiring extra agents for peak hours, you can efficiently hold calls while agents are busy.

With the call queuing feature, you can create a ‘virtual waiting room’ so your callers can wait on the line until an agent becomes free. To encourage customers not to hang up, you can provide personalized messages, music, a callback option, or even let them interact with a virtual agent. As agents become free, your customers will be sequentially connected.


Personalize queues

Personalize queues

Inform customers with their queue position or play some music to indicate that the call is in progress

Manage queue logic

Manage queue logic

Set maximum waiting times, automatically route calls to free agents, and embed a voicemail option

Return their calls

Return their calls

Use Smart IVR to let customers hang up but stay in the queue. Once it’s their turn, an agent can call them back at the number they specified

Below are four simple steps to create your call queue:

Create an account

Register on the Voximplant platform and buy a virtual number. Customers will use it to contact you. Keep it simple and easy to remember.

Create your workspace and add users

Add users to your workspace and specify their roles. Create an application as explained in our tutorial.

Create a queue

Go to your application and click ‘Create Queue’. Create a queue scenario with the following code.

The Voximplant Advantage

24 / 7

Call automation

for every time zone



setup for call queuing


System uptime

is maintained

Stop Losing Customers

Before Voximplant

Before Voximplant

  • Missed calls and high abandonment rates
  • Costs for hiring additional agents
  • Impaired customer experience due to busy lines
With Voximplant

With Voximplant

  • Reduction in missed calls
  • Manage large call volume with limited staff
  • Improved customer satisfaction by giving callers a callback choice

Our customers

"Sometimes we’ve only got minutes to get to an airport urgently or organize the transportation of a large team to a corporate event. Our team solves these problems every day around the globe and therefore, efficient and organized communication between carriers and passengers is one of our priorities. With Voximplant, our team was able to quickly implement a solution that allowed us to organize outgoing and incoming communication flows and minimize the waiting time for customers. We also appreciated the flexibility of Voximplant as we got a tailor-made solution that works for our operators and business needs."

Alexander Sapov
Alexander Sapov CEO,

Improve your Caller Experience

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