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Fastest way to reach a large audience at one time

The Voximplant software makes it easy to create automated outbound calls. You can build and launch automated call campaigns with a few lines of code.

The service allows you to both enhance the number of communications with customers and reduce contact center workloads. Automated phone campaigns are well suited for product announcements, order confirmations, and appointment reminders. They are also useful for carrying out marketing activities like customer surveys.

Voice Messages for Business



Developers can use an intuitive development and test environment along with 13 different client libraries and SDKs. There is also Voximplant Kit, a zero-code visual editor for business owners and managers



Reach up to 10,000 customers per day without additional call center workloads. Calls are made according to pre-built scenarios with no delays



Instead of hiring operators, deliver pre-recorded audio files or AI-generated voices

Features of Automated Phone Calls

Computer-generated voices

Computer-generated voices

Voximplant supports text-to-speech services powered by Amazon Polly, Google WaveNet. Find out Voximplant’s voices in the documentation

Call logs

Call logs

Receive a detailed history of calls. Find trouble areas and improve call efficiency with an easy-to-use interface

Pre-built templates

Pre-built templates

Upload your contact list to one of 18 ready-made templates. Launch a call campaign in minutes and measure results

Answering machine detection

Answering machine detection

Voicemail detector allows you to determine when you can leave a pre-recorded message in the user’s voicemail inbox

Our customers

"Sometimes we’ve only got minutes to get to an airport urgently or organize the transportation of a large team to a corporate event. Our team solves these problems every day around the globe and therefore, efficient and organized communication between carriers and passengers is one of our priorities. With Voximplant, our team was able to quickly implement a solution that allowed us to organize outgoing and incoming communication flows and minimize the waiting time for customers. We also appreciated the flexibility of Voximplant as we got a tailor-made solution that works for our operators and business needs."

Alexander Sapov
Alexander Sapov CEO,

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