The ROI Calculator

Designed for product managers and customer experience managers, this document helps you to calculate the financial impact of integrating Voximplant into your products and processes.
The ROI Calculator

What’s Inside the Calculator

The ROI calculator measures the potential return on investments in the following cases:

Phone Number Masking

If you connect users with their personal phone numbers, you take the risk of users contacting each other outside of the platform and performing an external transaction. Connect users without using their real numbers to exclude off-platform transactions. See how phone number masking helps you to reduce revenue leakage.

Inbound smart IVR

Each contact center has to process routine inbound calls. Banking customers ask for the location of the nearest ATM, shoppers want to know the status of their orders. Smart IVR can automatically perform such tasks and offload human agents. Find out how much you can save if you delegate routine tasks to Smart IVR.

Outbound voicebots

Just like inbound calls, outbound calls are also often standardized. AI-driven voicebots automatically perform marketing surveys, notify customers about account replenishments and special offers. Check how outbound voicebots can help you to save on agent salaries and reduce their workload.


If customers miss appointments, it leads to lost revenue. Reduce no-show appointments by asking customers to confirm the meeting beforehand. Send reminders with the upcoming date and time and give them the option to reschedule. See how SMS API can reduce the number of lost business opportunities and increase your revenue.

When running large campaigns that require calling 2,000-5,000 hotels per day, the cost of using a human call center limits profit margins and entails longer waiting times for results and overall, greater inefficiency. With Voximplant Kit, the interface is not only easy to use, but easy to program and have running within a few hours.

Grant Anderson, Commercial Manager, Preverisk

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