Create a Voice Bot In Minutes

Voximplant Kit will help to create automated call campaigns to boost call center KPIs

Capabilities Of a Voice Bot

Outbound call campaigns of any scale

Intelligent inbound calls routing

Surveys for service quality control

Reminders about upcoming events

Automated request verification for HR departments

Informing customers about special offers

Learn what voice bot can for your business

Your outbound calls on auto pilot

Notify thousands of customers per day. Use multiple calling lines simultaneously.

Reach thousands of customers per day

Voximplant Kit will call up the entire contact list. If the customer is busy, the call will be made again later.

Increase conversion easily

Set up a call flow or choose a template and Voximplant Kit will follow it strictly, providing you with more leads. You can improve your call flow in just minutes to accelerate conversion.

Handle objections with empathy

Build human-like conversations by using speech synthesis and recognition capabilities.

Start a campaign within one hour

Choose from ready-to-use templates and just upload your contact list.

Fast CRM Integration

Flexible API settings so you can perform quick database integration.

Cost savings

Improve productivity and make a bigger impact at a fraction of the cost.

After one month of using


Faster call processing


Increase in call processing efficiency


Of calls managed without employee participation

Trusted by the most successful brands

Create a voice bot in minutes

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